Launch a Website in the Next 10 Minutes

without Fiddling with Code, Clunky Hosting Panels or Complex WordPress Dashboard

Carrd allows you to launch a one-page website for your business, startup idea, or marketing campaign without coding or spending lots of money to pay to developers or designers.

What is Carrd?

Carrd is a no-code landing page builder that you can use to build a website in minutes.

It allows you to create responsive, mobile-ready, single-page websites, landing pages, and forms with a drag-and-drop interface. You can use it to create landing pages for your business, build a simple website, or create a form. With Carrd, you don’t need to have any coding experience to create a beautiful and functional website.All you need is an idea, some basic details and you’re good to go.The best part — you can launch your first website on a subdomain for free to test out things and see if the website even works for you (or not)

Build a Website in 6 Simple Steps


Sign up

Register for a free account at and get access to your free dashboard to build your first website.


Pick a template

Choose from numerous free templates neatly organized in different categories. Pick one as per your use case or requirement. You can start building a profile, landing page, sectioned website (as good as a multi-page website for beginners), and more.


Add details

Start adding content, images, and everything you want to convey to your website visitors on the page.



Use the in-built tools to add elements such as text boxes, images, videos, sections, links, audio, and even forms to capture leads from your website. Use the drag and drop builder to create the website as you like it.


Link to your own domain

Once you're happy with your website, click on save just like you do on your Google Doc, add your own domain (or use a free subdomain by Carrd) and you've got an address on the internet. Congratulations.


Publish & promote

Now, it's your time to shine. Use the link to promote your service, product, freelancing business, or small business to the world. Use the link to share with everyone, launch a marketing campaign, or add it to your social media handles.

Why Carrd

Can Be Your Best Bet as a Marketer or Solopreneur?

Well, I know there are many ‘no-code’ tools out there which claim to help you build websites in minutes. But have you tried any of them?Well, let me share a secret with you — I have tried almost all of them and the reason why I am in favor of Carrd is really simple.It doesn’t shift your focus from the main problem — having a website.Let’s admit — not having a website is a problem that has been holding back so many entrepreneurs, especially in India.The solution I am telling you is really simple. Carrd allows you to build and launch website without having to fidget with code. You don't have to code anything. Not a single line.In fact, you don't even have to use the most popular website CMS in the world (We all know how hectic it can get).Let me tell you why:Most of the top solutions out there takes away your freedom and makes you build pages from scratch.And not just one page. You have to build the whole site.The problem with that is that its very time consuming, and often leads to bad results.But with Carrd, you can create a responsive, feature-rich, market-ready website in a few hours (if not minutes).Pre-made templates even allow you to build your website in just one click.And I'll show you how.But first - I want to give you some background.Before I became a full-time creator and solopreneur, I was a marketer, blogger and copywriter, and god knows what else (you know how it is for us in India).And what I noticed when I went solo was that I didn't like building websites from scratch.Even though it's the fastest way to get your website up and running, I found myself thinking - "who am I to build this site?".I would sit there for hours trying to make it perfect.I would spend hours editing the images.Hours trying to find the right plugins.But in the end, it was still not perfect.So, I decided to find an easy to use software that I could just point and click on.I knew it had to be simple.But I also knew it couldn't do all the things that a solution like Wix or WordPress did.You see, Wix or WordPress is great if you want a "perfect" website - but it's too hard to use if you're just getting started.It took me a while to figure out what the heck was going on when I first created my website using WordPressI was constantly getting stuck with pop-ups and I couldn't find anything that worked as well as what I had in Wix.At the same time, my friends were building sites in a few hours and they were happy with the results.Then I found out that they were using No-code Website Builders. And I found the perfect one for myself, too.With Carrd, today I can make a super-fast site that looks 100% professional in just a few hours. And I have created multiple websites over the last few months.I love it.I don't have to worry about the technical stuff.And it's a one-time investment - not something you have to pay every month.Plus, the highest-tier allows you to create several websites. So, you can test and try multiple variations and see what work with the audience.It's like having a development and design team with you 24/7.Isn’t it amazing?

Free for One Website. Affordable for More

Pro Pricing


Yes! You read it correctly. It's just $9 for the whole year. So, you can try it out as much as you want without breaking the bank. That's not it. You get to launch 3 different websites for the whole year at this price. That's like just less than INR 250/- for one website for the whole year. Even than your monthly internet pack, I guess.

  • 3 Websites

  • Custom Domain Linking

  • Ready-to-launch Pro Templates

  • Video Uploads

  • Slideshows, and more...

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